1979 Motorcycle Trip

My first cross country motorcycle trip in 1977 following college was undocumented due to a catastrophic camera failure. In the summer of 1979 armed with a Nikon F2 and 30 rolls of Tri-X film, I set off on an open-ended journey across America.

Starting in Baltimore and setting out with a vague plan to head north and west to California, I ended up completing  a 10,000 mile meandering circle along the top of the country, down the coast of California and home along the southern and eastern coasts.

Along the way, I met incredible people from many walks of life, was welcomed into their homes, listened to their stories and, and widened my appreciation of this country. It was a time before the homogenization of our national life and culture, when regional differences were large and fascinating, and people were willing to make connections with a traveler passing through.