Welcome to my website

I am a lifelong photographer and critical observer of my particular moment in space-time.

In 1977 I graduated from the Philadelphia College of Art, with a BFA in Photography and headed out to explore the country from the saddle of a Yamaha XS650 motorcycle.

From 1979 to 2020, I worked as a freelance multimedia designer and photographer for a variety of corporate and association clients, primarily in the technology sector. 

Since retiring in 2020, I have continued to explore the world through my photography, listening to and making music, camping under dark skies, riding vintage Japanese motorcycles, and investigating deep sky objects through astrophotography.

I live in Silver Spring, Maryland with my wife Lesley, our son Max, and our dog Orbit. Our daughter Adara lives nearby.

These portfolios are a look back, and a look forward into my continuing journey of visual exploration. I hope you enjoy them